Temporary Dentures

Temporary Dentures

Temporary Dentures, Immediate Dentures could be made to last a short period of time, and the materials of the dentures are soft susceptible to wear or discoloration.

Temporary Dentures
Immediate Dentures

Temporary dentures conotates a denture that is short lived and needs to be replaced with a long lasting denture. Often after getting a tooth extraction, or teeth extraction, a temporary denture is used until a permanent complete denture is made and fitted. Temporary dentures are made with soft materials and almost with the same materials low cost dentures, or even duplicate dentures are made from.


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Immediate Dentures

Fast Dentures or Temporary Dentures

The teeth on the denture may not be placed onto the denture individually but rather are made as a single cast unit.

Aesthetically, the appearance of the temporary denture may appear to be just like any other ordinary denture, however, the single piece cast dentures are made as one with the teeth colored to look like teeth, and the pink area to look like gum tissue.

When the denture is made as a single unit, if should the denture break, the dentures tooth or teeth could break along with the pink altogether as a single crack.

Continued use of a temporary denture to replace a permanent denture might not be suggested by many denture facilities since that the dentures are made with very low quality materials and is supposed to be used as a crutch until permanent dentures are available to wear.

Some folks who have broken their dentures, have the belief that getting a copy made from their existing dentures will extend the use of the same denture, and there will be no need to seek denture assistance for a while. First, the materials that are used to make copy dentures are weak, and are perhaps the lowest quality materials ever used for dentures. The teeth and the pink area is made from the same material, and cast as a single piece. The soft materials can show signs of wear almost immediately, as the teeth are not made to handle consistent use regularly. Duplicate dentures are made to have on hand as a emergency spare, to be used at most for a week until the original denture is fixed. Some places may hide these facts just to make a quick dollar, and attempt to persuade folks to throw their dollar at something that sounds to good to be true.

Denture Clinics

Many times when dentures break, besides accidents, it could be from the change in structure of the mouth. The use of temporary dentures, or other dentures that are made for emergencies could be used sparingly. However, once the structure of the mouth changes, the original denture might need to be adjusted by a licensed professional so when the denture is in use again, it will not break. If should a spare denture be copied from an original denture that broke because of structural changes, the spare denture may also need to be adjusted to fit the mouth snug.

Immediate Dentures

Some low cost dentures are made with separate dentures teeth. That is each tooth is placed onto the denture one-by-one, until completed. When getting dentures this might be a good question to ask, to ask if the dentures teeth are placed one-by-one when making low cost dentures. The materials might not be as durable as other more expensive dentures, but overall, choosing low cost dentures over getting copies of the old denture would make more sense since that the low cost denture is made from the current structure of the mouth.

Immediate Dentures

Some dentures are made for folks who just do not want to be without a smile, or be seen without teeth. Immediate Dentures are typically made for folks who have frequented a dentures facility, and currently do not have a denture to wear. These dentures could also be identified as temporary dentures, as the materials can last for several weeks, but not too much longer after that. The teeth might wear down smooth making it very difficult to eat, and the pink gums might also wear to the point where the denture might not fit properly.

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